The Pollution Solution for Home Heating

pellets  burning vBurning wood pellet in a pellet fire gives you the ambience and warmth of a wood fire without the chopping stacking and storage of firewood.

Easy To Use.
Push a button to start, can run on a timer, themostat or even switch on with a text.
Environmentally Friendly. 
Wood pellets are made from waste wood and burn efficiently with virtually no smoke. Very low emissions and almost no carbon footprint.
Pellet Fires Are Clean.
Very low ash, virtually smokeless, clean burning and no messy piles of fire wood. 
Start with a button push (or on timer before you get out of bed on a winter morning). Preset a target temperature on the thermostat. No more matches, fire stoking and constant monitoring. You can even leave it running while you sleep.
Build in safety mechanisms means pellet fires won't overheat, they turn off if the door is opened, Pellet fires have a start up monitoring system. There is never a need to open the door when they are running, so no danger of embers falling on the carpet !  
Easy, just pour in more pellets.
Cost Effective.
With wood pellets from Otago Pellet Fires  it costs 11 to 12 cents a kilowatt for heat , that less than most other heating options.

From Wood Pellets to Instant Comfort

  • Boiler
  • Inside a pellet fire

A Pellet Fire converts wood pellets into fast heat, 4 minutes to ignite and 8 to 10 minutes to get heat, with a boiler system you alway have heat.


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PEACE OF MIND: Service Agreements

Otago Pellet Fires now offer a 
Service agreement
• Includes annual service usually $105
• No charge for delivery of pellets
• All breakdowns including parts and labour are covered. 
• Lowest price break for pellets 

All for an annual fee of $245 

Terms and conditions apply